Don’t Hold Your Breath

First, Trump will never be impeached.  Ever.  And even if he is, the line of succession is deep and depressing for anyone who values personal and economic freedom, the environment, civil rights & liberties, justice, fairness or the rule of law.  The plain fact is that 62 million Americans (fewer than HRC, yes, but that isn’t the point I’m driving toward so lay off it; plus more on that in a moment) watched everything that man did and said during the campaign and decided to wear “Fuck Your Feelings” T-shirts because they are macho and love America more than you do, snowflake.

That kind of angry, aggrieved, sociopathic nihilism drives them, it short-circuits their moral compass and any sense of fairness or belief in civic comity, a shared public realm and any obligation to their fellow citizens.  We can speculate until the cows come home about the reasons for this, but they have to do with the alchemic reactions of all the various factors listed a few paragraphs back – race, religion, gender, regional identity – and how they result in further cleavages of capital v labor and urban v rural.  The result, however we got here, is that an insufficient number of Congress-critters think what Trump is doing is worth risking the ire of their voters to stop.  Since any sense of fairness in determining representation has arguably never had any sway in the American mind, they are not wrong about their ability to win or lose their gerrymandered districts based on how vociferously they oppose or defend Trump’s actions.  Democrats are hoping for a wave election in 2018, which would be good for setting impeachment in motion should they capture either or both of the chambers of Congress, but I doubt we’re going to make it that far.  Too many of our government’s internal defense mechanisms have turned out to be simply tradition or unwritten gentlemen’s agreements.  The Dems can line up all the shocked and appalled former Republican White House aides or retired DOJ personnel they want, but that sorry spectacle looked eerily similar to the #NeverTrump brigade, which is to say, they were almost all retired or out of office and not subject to a voting public; plus, fat lot of good it did, right?  At the end of the day Trump’s got a bureaucracy he can staff with as many cronies as needed to derail any anti-Trump enforcement and a pliant Congress who won’t say boo as long as the right people are getting the shit end of the stick, plus cops (from Border Control to your average beat cop) love him.  A police force militarized by the drug-war is ready to tamp down any civil unrest as brutally as necessary, just ask the people of Ferguson, Missouri about how that usually turns out.

Gloomy, but the tools for autocracy have been laying around for quite a while.  The national elites of both parties seem to have assumed that no wannabe-autocrat would ever get far enough to actually wield them.  Oops!

So, yeah.  Forget impeachment. It won’t happen.  Even it did, the cure would likely be worse than the disease.  Because, besides deep bench of succession awfulness & the police who back Trump, 62 million Americans voted for EXACTLY this and they aren’t all concentrated in one state or region where we could, I dunno, perhaps build a wall around them.  Or even square-off in blue & gray uniforms and capture their capital city.  They are everywhere.  They are your neighbors, your co-workers, your cousins and uncles, and if it was an aggrieved sense of nihilistic entitlement that drove them to vote for a human stick of dynamite in the first place, how do you think they’ll respond, as a group, to him being yanked from office?  Yanked from office by an opposition party they are pathologically unable to admit is even legitimate?  I was scared about what would happen if Hillary won, quite honestly.  Recall that they are macho and love America more than you do, snowflake.  Plus, they have more guns.  And all the cops.

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