So, do you see the picture I’m trying to paint here?  The multiple systems that comprise the modern world are all failing at some level or other, anyone who can is trying to maneuver himself and his family (or herself and her family) into a position to best weather the oncoming storm.  The wealthiest and best connected have been on a multi-generational project to undo much of the progress of the modern world because it suits their craving for an older, less chaotic world (to their fervid imaginations) where the relationship between the ruled and the rulers was more definitive, where the ruled knew their place and weren’t so uppity and demanding of things like rights or clean water or healthcare.  As the current system falls apart, the opportunity to construct just such a world is dawning.  Even though Trump isn’t one of them, he’s just a fly-weight wannabe socialite who can’t hide his low-class Queens origins, they (in the form of their pet political party: the GOP) are letting him smash his way into an autocracy because they will just unseat him after he’s done the dirty work, install one of their own, and quell any unrest among the hoi-polloi with a dumbshow of “cleaning up his mess.”

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