What’s It Going To Take?

Like with the Russian gangster money, Trump’s base doesn’t care that he was fired or why.  If the human stick of dynamite wanted to see Comey gone, then he had a good reason and even if he didn’t have a good reason just having a reason is good enough for The Base.  He’s just another casualty of the so-called swamp draining.  Besides, what could Comey ever reveal or the FBI ever reveal that would appall Trump’s base enough that the GOP in Congress would feel liberated enough to take a stand against him?  Once the man who was caught on tape bragging about grabbing pussy inspired some of his female followers to sport T-shirts inviting him to grab their pussies anytime (doubt me?  Google it), his boast that he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes was proven true.

His base is unreachable.

During the last Republican administration, I had a little thought-experiment to demonstrate how far beyond saving the opposition had become. I called it the kittens and hammers test.  If George W. Bush or Darth Cheney went on national television live from the Oval Office and gleefully proceeded to bash in kittens’ brains with hammers right there on the Resolute Desk, Fox News would immediately explain how those kittens were liberal traitors and needed to die and the GOP base would dutifully nod in agreement and proceed to shout down anyone who tried to argue that kittens are fuzzy and adorable and no kitten deserves to be bashed to death with a hammer.

But the thing is, the GOP base never really loved Bush or Cheney, they just hated Clinton enough to self-justify an invented hatred for adorable kittens should the need arise. But, hoo-boy, do they LOVE their human stick of dynamite.  They love him because he is a walking, talking middle finger to all those eggheads on the coasts who think they’re better.  He’s a human turd in high society’s punch bowl; his administration is “Animal House” brought to technicolor life in the nation’s capitol; he is the bright orange avenging angel of their dreams, on the march against queers and uppity wimmin-folk and moozlums and mes-kins and nigras who steadfastly refuse to remember their place in the social order.

So, Comey gets fired and nothing he could possibly say would put enough daylight between Trump and his base to give any GOP Congress-critter any breathing room whatsoever.  We saw over the last month that people like their ObamaCare and we can hope that the AHCA (if it passes) will do some kind of damage to his support, but it appears right now that the most vocal opposition is waning in the face of what appears to be a direct attack on their cherished human stick of dynamite.  With regards to Comey, I think we will continue to see a rather large kerfuffle over the whole mess in the next few weeks or months, but it will all be a bunch noise and sound and fury and, in the end, nothing will happen for two reasons: 1.) the Republican Party needs to give those precious tax cuts to their owners in the 1% no matter what and 2.) the Democratic Party sucks.  While you are right to conclude from everything I’ve said above that the Republican Party deserves to be burned to the ground, the smoldering ruins razed and plowed into the earth and the dirt salted where it once stood with no grave stone nor marker of any kind to preserve its memory, the Democratic Party needs more than a mere fumigation, it should at least be gutted to the studs and re-built from the inside out.  I have zero faith that either of those things are even possible, but we have to have goals in life, right?

I don’t think anything in D.C. will change with either party because neither party wants it to change.  Yes, the aspect change in the GOP after Bill Clinton took office was a bit of a shock, but it was only because the halcyon days of bipartisan comity in the national interest were drawing to a close as the next-generation Dixiecrats were now fully matured within the GOP edifice (Gingrich, Lott, Delay and Armey chief among them) and ready to resume the life-and-death struggle that is real life politics.  The Dems at the time failed to grasp just how hostile and intractable their opposition truly had become and to some extent that naiveté continues even up to this very day.  It certainly was in full effect during Obama’s first term when he kept reaching across the aisle and preemptively pre-negotiating with an opposition party he steadfastly refused to recognize hated his guts and wanted everything about him destroyed, utterly.  And we even see it today when Adam Schiff goes on TV and earnestly pleads for Republicans of good conscience to stand with him.  Nice try, but no such animal exists and hasn’t since pretty much the whole lot of them signed on to Dick Cheney’s merry adventure in the sand.  Of the few exceptions then, the 100% capitulation to the NRA following the Sandy Hook massacre a decade later should dispel any delusion that such a mystical beast may be found anywhere.  The rich ones are monsters who only care about tax cuts, the rest love firearms more than humans.  The glee on Mick Mulvaney’s face as he described the suffering Trump’s budget would inflict on the lesser among us is all the window into the darkness of the Republican soul one needs to know that this is not an accident, this is not an aberration nor a miscalculation.  No, this is the PLAN, executed as envisioned.  This sociopathy is not a bug, it’s a feature.

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