What everybody seems to be deliberately misunderstanding amid all of this Trump/Russia mess is that the modern Democratic Party is the party of elite professionals and that means they are no longer (if they ever were, Dixiecrats and all of that, ya know?) a party dedicated to social justice and a general sense of fair play, which are broadly considered to be liberal ideas.  A few, maybe most of them have liberal-ish sympathies, particularly when it comes to picking sides on historical conflicts that are largely settled (Civil Rights Movement, amirite?) but they are not reflexively progressive nor egalitarian in the moment right here and now when it really counts.  The whole miserable party has set itself squarely behind the idea of the meritocracy and the unalloyed good of eduction in the name of advancement, both of which prima facia mean person v. person competition.  And that means things like collective action and organized labor are bad because some people work harder than others and hence deserve more reward, no matter what.  And that includes justice.  The Democratic Party is so far off-the-rails, has so lost its way (again, if it ever really had it) that they are cheering for the FBI to bring down the president.  The fucking FBI of wiretaps and warrantless raids and any other number of horrifying crimes against innocent private citizens – especially under J. Edgar Hoover – to say nothing of the cheering that met the leaks that were the CIA’s attempt to blow a hole in the bottom of Trump’s boat.  It’s embarrassing and disgraceful, but that’s where we are now.  The Trump-fection has triggered the D.C. white blood cells to swarm because he is crude and unlettered.  The Clintons met a similar resistance in their days, derided by the snobs of the D.C. social scene as a bunch of Arkansas hillbillies.  But they persevered, slicked up and, boy look at them now.  I don’t think Jared and Ivanka will ever carry him into respectability, though their future is bright.  Like I said, depressing.

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