Austerity Pimps

Later in the day, upon reflection and after consuming reams of op-ed analysis, it certainly seems like yesterday’s UK vote is comparable in earth-shattering scope & scale of impact to that of the Brexit vote because it clarifies for the austerity-pimps at the centrist-y center of the political spectrum —  and all of their mealy-mouthed apologists in the punditocracy (all of whom are millionaires BTW, but shhh! remember that we don’t talk about class in America) — across all parties both here in ‘murrica and in the UK, it clarifies that Brexit wasn’t wholly and 100% the fault of a bunch of Luddite xenophobes from the sticks too uncultured to fully appreciate how magical free market fairy dust just makes everything super-duper peachy-keen for everyone.  

Plus, rainbows and unicorns in every garage, too.

But no matter what all the millionaire pundits say in print and on air in the coming days and weeks about the real meaning of the Tory collapse, because they’ll reflexively try to chalk it up to just more brainless brutes from the provinces voting to smash and destroy exactly like Brexit (and Trump and Le Pen and Wilders) or else they’ll tsk-tsk about all those cotton-headed young-unz pining for castles in the sky when they should keep their hopes and ambitions curtailed in order to not get their hopes and dreams crushed under all those non-negotiable austerity measures… sayeth the banksters: nice economy you got here, be a shame if something happened to it … when what they should be doing is taking this vote as an object lesson, a sharpening of the focus on the underlying causes of that vote and others across the western alliance in the last 12 months.  Remember that when all those admonitions not to feel too much hope come a’tumblin’ down from the lofty op-ed pages of the New York Times or Washington Post or Wall Street Journal.  The Left surely cannot actually win by being, you know, LEFT.  The Left must capitulate and centri-fy and Third-Way itself into respectability, like Blair or Clinton or Brown or Obama, or else the banksters will take their economic toys to… somewhere.  One presumes the Caymans.

People are right to be scared of the future and they are right, really right, to think the system is really broken and really want it to do something more for everyone, not just banksters and all their plundering friends in the City of London (or Wall Street or D.C.) … a lesson I fear will continue to be lost on our Hatfield$ and McCoy$ over here.  

As far as analysis goes, don’t forget that Macron’s victory was essentially empty, worthless: he’s a dashingly handsome, cobbled-together, camera-ready empty suit from the banking sector who will dutifully protect the ownership class’ interests, but with some French panache and enough of a drizzle of “western values” on top to sooth the vaguely leftish sympathies of some of the higher-minded among the jet set.  He became the toast of The West by being sufficiently not-as-bad-as a modern-day female Hitler.  Good job, Pierre.

But yesterday, the British parliamentary system with its mish-mash of parties and non-rigid time line gave, to anyone ready to see it and hear and take it in and understand it, a sharpening of the explanation for Brexit.  In America, those same people would be the Obama-Obama-Trump voters, who’ve been voting for change all along — fooled once, then twice, so they voted for the human stick of dynamite — but in the end were only given a blunt instrument with which to express their political will.  Our binary system, locked into non-responsive four-year cycles, is imprecise and ripe for mischief and manipulation. 

So, misdiagnosis abounds.  But it doesn’t come out of nowhere.  As ever, follow the money.

Follow the money.

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